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 Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg for UN

The heartbreaking speech Greta Thunberg's heartbreaking speech to the UN was the straw that broke the bucket. From the first moment she was in the news, it was clear to me how this girl dies. Her fear is genuine and her anger understandable. What is absolutely not understandable that the abuse made her.

Greta Thunberg Asperger Syndrome

Greta suffers from Asperger syndrome . Names and labels of various conditions change regularly, but this is the term used her own family, so in this article I will use this term.

What is Asperger's Syndrome?

Asperger syndrome is a form of autism involving normal intelligence, but which nevertheless play a lot of factors that can complicate daily life.
For example, think of:

  • Difficulty feeling of social conventions
  • Hypersensitivity to stimuli
  • Difficulty organizing information

the world is different for someone with Asperger's.

For every man there is of course a difference - even within this group - but broadly speaking you could say that these people can not get a grip on the world. There seems to link between business, happen constantly unexpected things, and they live in a chaos that can be paralyzing and frightening.

Other people seem to have to understand how the world works, and one feels stupid and clumsy with Asperger. How is it that all the others just know and apply all sorts of unwritten rules? How do they find their way in the world?

If anyone knows the way, and you do not, the result is a lot of loneliness, fear and uncertainty.

How these people solve this?

They are not stupid, so for many it is the logical way to deal with the rational. Try to discover structures, try to share in the world to get under control.

This can result in compulsive behaviors and superstition.

Something went well? It should always be that way now, because it was hidden somewhere why it went well. So now put exactly seven steps before I do this, my right hand squeeze before I say that attract this shirt when I go there.

Another way to get security is to acquire knowledge.

Now if you just know how everything fits together, then you will understand perhaps, the chaos is perhaps clear.

As mentioned, people with Asperger's are not stupid and if they focus on a particular area there to acquire knowledge, they can be amazingly effective.

Children with Asperger rush obsessively on a subject, so much can come to know that outsiders awe watching. A prodigy!

For prodigies itself is less fun, though provides specialization or a need.

The area where the child specialist has become, a safe haven. A place where everything is under control and all the pieces fit together. Additional advantage: such specialization is often appreciated. You're suddenly not strange, but special. Suddenly you are no longer the uncertain who does not know the road, others are uncertain and even look up to you.

Is this a problem?

It depends on.

The specialization can help to calm and confidence so that the rest of life which is better to handle. It can be a base from which other regions can be explored. If a child develops well and gradually getting a grip on the world, the specialization will be less of an obsession and more a hobby.

Of course there will always be flaws, but an adult with Asperger's may be a harmonious person with special interests and talents.

But it can also be different.

The basis of such specialization is uncertainty. Something must be under control in this world, somewhere must list the midst of all the chaos. How frightened the child, the more fanatical will pounce on the specialization.

Where is the line between specialization and an obsession?

Which is somewhere where fear becomes so all-important that the obsession over the world. Somewhere where the child gets caught in rigidity and compulsiveness. Somewhere will collapse all if the obsession is not followed.

Back to Greta.

The end justifies the means

Climate change has been a hot topic in the media. Our survival as mankind once now depends on the sustainability of our planet, so the idea that would save our climate runaway, is frightening. Who can remain indifferent to a possible end of the world? Attention is assured and the media make good use of this outlet.

Add to that climate change is extremely complex and that various groups can magnify theories to promote their own interests. An endless feud is due.

During that feud is Greta entangled.

Imagine a frightened child with a tendency to obsessive behavior hears the story that will go under the earth if we do not now change our behavior.

Whole Internet is full of information, and once you are in a particular filter bubble, the search engines deliver more and more resources going in the same direction, especially in a subject like this. Opinions about climate change are no longer all equally desirable. There has been a strong lobby going to increase the risk of climate change and put away more cautious sounds like 'climate denial'.

It was probably inevitable that Greta the trap of doom preachers swam.

For her not hopeful stories about solutions; her a flood of identical articles and news unison proclaimed that the Earth is heading for a catastrophe. These are the stories that activists attempt to gain support for changes. Stories also promoted by authoritative institutes like the KNMI and the NIS.

Is it any wonder that Greta collapsed under the pressure?

Her obsession was not a safe place when the world was orderly and clear, her obsession was a nightmare which she could not escape.

She was sitting at home with eating disorders and declined to talk.

That was the moment they had to be helped that people had her carefully gotta wean her obsession, her gradually other information should be fed.
That did not happen.

Perhaps it did not fit into the political beliefs of her parents, perhaps there was no one around her who saw how dangerous it was to confirm her obsession. In any case, she was only strengthened.

Her parents adjusted their lifestyles to meet the climate requirements of their daughter. Her mother gave her international opera career and looking for a job close to home. The family bought an electric car and stopped air travel. House Thunberg was neutral.

But what one family for influence in the world? Of course it was not enough. So Greta went campaigning.

Unfortunately for her, she was successful.

Was it a deliberate plan of her parents and she became gradually obscured by the success of their daughter? And at what time activists saw the potential of this childish-looking teenager?

It matters little whether this was a clever campaign to rise, or Greta happen was "at the right time in the right place." She was put on stage and could speak to world leaders. Her speeches were broadcast worldwide and in no time she had a large following.

Climate activists had found their prophet.

When I discuss the role of her parents, I have to control myself to remain civilized.

In the following video Greta Thunberg without a script to read, it is clear to see that they are not manipulated and must answer all by heart

From the moment Greta became known, it was obvious to anyone that her condition off know this girl definitely was not helped by the 'career'. It is almost inevitable that experts have contacted the parents and warned about the mental health of the teenager.

If the parents were ignorant a year ago, they are now definitely not. Yet they have chosen for their daughter, but for the glory.

Now the mother of Greta has published a book in which she makes outlandish claims about Greta. Quote from this book:

Greta gehört zu den wenigen which unsere Kohl dioxide mit Blossem Auge recognize können. Sie sieht, who this Treibhausgase aus unseren Schornsteinen streams mit dem Wind in den Himmel und die Atmosphäre steigen verwandeln in eine giant unsichtbare Müllhalde. Sie ist das Kind, wir sind der Kaiser. Und wir sind alle nackt.

Loosely translated: Greta is one of the few who CO2 can observe with the naked eye. She sees the greenhouse gas streams from our chimneys, rising with the wind into the sky and change the atmosphere in a giant, invisible landfill. She is the child, we are the emperor. And we have no clothes.

Your daughter vulnerable declare visionary and attribute her supernatural gifts. You must dare in these circumstances. Incidentally, Greta's mother has this claim later withdrawn , it was not all been meant literally ...

Remains that the family along nicely surfing on the fame of the girl - even to earn money - and apparently doing nothing to bring her back to reality. A reality which really is not an inevitable destruction of this world.

Meanwhile activists worldwide make good use of this hype. A child as a prophet because so many benefits.

  • To begin with it is by definition innocent and so unsuspicious. Children speak the truth, say the activists. Greta is still too young to sneak other interests; it is pure and sincere.
  • Or others speak through her mouth, do not of course is discussed.
  • Another advantage is that anyone who attacks her is immediately withers. Can you? Against a child? You can not disagree with Greta, because then you are mean. It's that simple.
  • Criticism of the message is at once an attack on an innocent child.
  • At the same time Greta can say extreme things without them should be held to account. Recall that the "rules" no longer apply? To say that we are on the brink of a mass extinction? Oh, she says in her childlike enthusiasm, do not be so hard!
  • While we obviously must take her literally as they call us - adults - are blamed for everything.

A child like Prophet offers endless possibilities. Unfortunately are not many opportunities left for the child in question.

The speech that kept Greta for the UN, was heartbreaking to see.

Here was a child on the verge of collapse. A desperate, angry child who screamed powerless against adults unscrupulous villains in her eyes that will destroy everything.

Here was an abused girl who is brainwashed by an unscrupulous sect that will suck it until finally they will totally collapse.

Among the many who applaud this abuse, are probably also people who have no idea what Asperger's means, and therefore not easily recognize the symptoms that are visible at Greta.

Yet they too gradually to be awake. Anyone who has actually looked at this speech, should still see how scared this girl is. Much more frightened than in December last year when she held one of her first speeches, a TED talk .

Greta is to collapse under the unbearable burden of her obsession.

I do not know if Greta still be saved. I am afraid that this girl is too late.

I wish I could do something for her, but we are powerless.

However, I would call on everyone to compassion for this child.

Compare it not the Hitler Youth; post any pictures of her next to pictures of the girls then. not cuss her out, give her not to blame for this horrible spectacle.

She is indeed a child; an abused child and desperate.

And I would like to ask all climate activists:

Do not use children to achieve your goals.

Enter yourself your actions, and protect the children who want to take action. Put them out as a shield and not at all as a prophet.

Enter above action for awareness measures, even a totalitarian dictatorship when you are in the strange delusion that this would be necessary.

Listen to the children - Severn Cullis-Suzuki's famous speech on the environment (1992), this speech is very much over the speech Greta Thunberg 2019

But STOP with cheering this child.

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